Female Self Defense for Ages 15 and older

Our Adult & Teen Fit2Defend comprehensive work shops (Levels 1 through 5) incorporate practical, yet effective escapes, energy-efficient ground techniques and purposeful striking. We don’t ever want to put ourselves in harm’s way, today’s world has seen an increase in sexual assaults and other life threatening situations while performing normal life activities, such as food shopping, jogging at the park, attending college, etc.

Unfortunately, no one can ever be over prepared for an unsavory encounter, and that’s when our self-defense system comes into play! Through realistic attack scenarios, our training methodology will help you to better manage your autonomic nervous system – fight or flight syndrome- while applying techniques proven to stall and shock the largest and strongest of assailants, allowing you precious time to get away and call for immediate help. In today’s unpredictable and scary world, we’re committed to providing all of our female students with a strong sense of unshakable confidence, proper technique, alertness, and awareness needed to protect themselves from the “what if” scenario.

“We have taken the most practical techniques from multiple martial arts disciplines and have created an effective system intended to keep a woman of any size safe from either single or multiple attackers.”