Duarte Monteiro

Head Instructor at Zen Martial Arts & Fitness

Head Instructor, Duarte Monteiro is a certified black belt and self-defense instructor who has been training and teaching traditional & modern day martial arts/self-defense for over 30 years.

He began studying traditional Japanese karate (Goshinryu) at the early age of 9 years old and would then eventually explore other martial art disciplines, such Kyokushin Karate (World Oyama), Korean Taekwondo (USTA & WTF), Muay Thai Kickboxing (MTIA), Krav Maga (Israeli Self-Defense) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Gracie & American Top Team), as he got older.

He is also a certified athletic performance specialist who has created several innovative programs for children and adults that resourcefully blend aspects of the fighting arts with purposeful functional drills intended on enhancing overall human performance.