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Kids / Youth Martial Arts

We teach and expose all our young students to a safe, traditional & practical modern self-defense program

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Kickboxing & MMA

We offer a K-1 Style Kickboxing & MMA program for teenagers and adults interested in learning martial arts

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Our sports conditioning program is designed for young athletes interested in improving their athleticism and/or fitness level.

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FEMALE Self Defense

No-one can ever be over prepared for an unsavory encounter, and that's when our self defense system comes into play!

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Zen Martial Arts & Fitness

At Zen Martial Arts & Fitness not only do students learn traditional and modern self defense arts derived from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Israel and Brazil, they're exposed to the latest and most effective physical & mental conditioning techniques used among novice, amateur and professional athletes.

As a nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Fitness and Black Belt level instructor, Duarte Monteiro, has created several innovative programs for children and adults that resourcefully blend aspects of the fighting arts with purposeful functional drills intended on enhancing overall human performance.

Further, his passion for youth athletics involving team sports has led to the development of a comprehensive five level youth sports conditioning program (Zen Sport) emphasizing fun while exposing athletes to the latest in functional age appropriate training.

With every martial arts, self defense, fitness or youth sports conditioning session taught at the Zen studio, each student gains the knowledge, insight and opportunity to increase ones strength, explosiveness, quickness, vertical leap, agility, balance, coordination and endurance through proven and innovative training methods.

Additionally, Instructor Monteiro places a huge emphasis on mental training by using and referencing reputable and accepted sports psychology and Eastern techniques used by many of todays olympic and elite level athletes. Similar to the above mentioned physical conditioning methodologies, Monteiro has creatively infused numerous mind gain type drills into all of his classes.

As a result, students better their ability to focus, concentrate and manage their emotions when faced with moderate to high stress, experienced in competitive sports or any difficult life related challenge.